Aquarium Plants

Aquarium Plants at House of Tropicals

House of Tropicals strives to bring you the area’s best selection of aquarium plants and the  supplies to help keep your plants thriving.  With weekly shipments from our suppliers in Florida and Asia we usually have wide selection of plants to choose from.  Bunch plants, sword plants, potted plants, mosses, mats,  floating plants, “Tissue Cultured Plants” in cups, we have them all.

We stock CaribSea “Eco Complete Planted Aquarium Gravel” and Fluval “Stratum”, a volcanic soil for planted aquariums.  We have large selection of SeaChem Flourish products to help feed and grow your plants. Don’t forget the planting tools and trimmers to help plant and maintain your planted aquarium.  We carry the full line of CaribSea plant products.  Rhyzomat, a subsurface root mat to help anchor plant roots.  Flora-Spor Mycorrhizal Symbionts, a fungi that acts as an intermediary between roots and minerals, forming a symbiotic relationship with the vascular plants.

The fungi helps dissolve the minerals out of rocks and gravel to help feed the plants.  Jungle Leaves, which are “Indian Almond Leaves”, slowly release tannins that condition the water.  Aquabotiotic Botanical, helps maintain a healthy balance and clarity in the water.  We carry Driftwood and Spider wood to attach mosses and plants to for a beautiful  effect.

We have a large selection of natural rocks including Japanses Ohko Rock (Dragon Rock) and  Seirya Rock both of which provide natural nutrition for the plants.  We also have a variety of CO2 kits, Fluval and  Aquatic Life’s Halo LED light systems.