Salt Water Fish

clownfish in aquarium at House of TropicalsHouse of Tropicals knows salt water fish. We carry all the species you will expect to find, plus some that you won't. We have been in the Salt Water Fish business for over 40 years, so we have the experience to get your salt aquarium started. Our success depends on your success! We offer a 24 hour guarantee on marine fish.

We stock a wide array of live food, including: guppies, goldfish, rosy reds, crayfish, black worms, brine shrimp, and ghost shrimp.

We have way too many marine fish to list, but here are a few you can expect to find:

We are direct importers of Topical Marine Fish from Hawaii, the Red Sea, the Atlantic, the Indian, the Pacific, and more, with new shipments arriving frequently. Call or stop in to see what is new. Don't forget to check the Specials Page!

little puffer