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Tropical Fish Keeping (salt and fresh water)

The Aquarium Wiki - Excellent Information source. Check it! - Here you will find some great articles and also a nice species index. Everything from help with fish health to specific help with oddball fish.

Wikipedia - Always a good place to check, below is a list of good Wikipedia pages

Coral and Invertebrates

Coral Care Sheets - Great resource!

ASIRA (All Source Information for Reef Aquarists) - Excellent site. General information on starting and maintaining your tank. Excellent Care sheets for many coral varieties. This is the best we've found!

Reef Tank Article from Wikipedia

Feature Article: An Experimental Comparison of Sandbed and Plenum-Based Systems. Part 1: Controlled lab dosing experiments - This is for true aquarium geeks only! - Good information.

Garden Ponds

Water Gardens - This is the site! Excellent info, easy to find. Covers construction, Plants, and Common Problems. Not much about fish though.

American Ponders Pond Forum: An international pond site - another excellent site.

Koi Nation Magazine - You must subscribe to get any information. Good Publication.

Garden Pond Forum - Some good info, but it is hard to find. Go straight to forums.


The TIGR Reptile Database - Serious information for serious herpetologists

World Reptile Amphibian Information Center - Excellent Site. Also care for centipedes, spiders, and scorpions.