Fresh Water Fish

large discusHouse of Tropicals carries hundreds of species of freshwater fish and invertebrates. We are the Baltimore Annapolis area experts on freshwater fish. We have over 40 years in the aquarium business and we know how to set you up with a successful fish tank.

We offer a 48 hour guarantee on fresh water fish!

We get fresh shipments weekly from our exclusive suppliers around the world. Our fish stock is always changing. Stop in to see what is new. You can expect to find the following and much more:

House of Tropicals has a mind blowing array of accessories for your fresh water tank, including every kind of live and solid food and medicine you could need, not to mention structure, ornaments, and live plants.

We have aquarium sets at reasonable prices. Get a nice fresh water aquarium at a very reasonable price. Check the Specials or just stop in!


oscars in an aquarium at House of Tropicals