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Maryland’s Best Stocked Aquarium Supply Store

House of Tropicals has everything you need to start a successful aquarium. We stock several inexpensive kits if you are a beginner. If you are a pro, we have a huge selection of accessories. If we don’t have it, we can get it. Check the Specials Page for unique deals.

We stock aquariums in various shapes and sizes from two and a half gallon up to three hundred gallons. Rectangle, hexagon tanks, cubes, bow front, corner bows, deep dimension, and frag tank, rimless or with a rim, reef ready or regular. We carry aquariums from these manufacturers aqueon/all glass,marineland/perfecto, red sea, and deep blue. We also have many nano aquarium set ups such as; The Hagen Spec for Fresh Water and the Hagen evo marine for evo marine set up.

Small Aquarium Set-Ups

Aqueon Aquarium Starter Kits. Includes; aquarium, LED Hood, filter, submersible heater, thermometer, net, water conditioner, food, and a Set-up and care Guide

  • 10 gal. LED Aquarium Starter Kit – $89.98
  • 20 gal. LED Aquarium Starter Kit – $156.98
  • 29 gal. LED Aquarium Starter Kit – $189.98
  • 55 gal LED Aquarium Starter Kit – $324.98

Nano Reef Tanks

This is a great way to get your feet wet in the salt water fish world. Reasonably priced, comes with everything you need, and fits in any corner of your home.

Large and Advanced Marine Aquarium Set Ups

We carry the full line of red sea products.

  • Red Sea Max E
  • Red Sea Max S
  • Reefers
  • Reefer Deluxe

Manufactures We Carry:

  • API Mars Pet Care
  • Aqueon/All Glass
  • Boyd Enterprises
  • Blue Ribbon Pet Products
  • Brightwell Aquatics
  • Cobalt International
  • Coral Life
  • Copper Power
  • Daner/Supreme
  •  Deep Blue Professionals
  • Current USA
  • Eheim
  • Ecological Labs
  • Estes Gravel Products
  • Eshopps Inc
  • Gulf Stream Tropcials
  • Innovatic Marine
  • Kaytee Products
  • Kent Marine
  • Kordon/Oasis
  • Lafeber
  • Repashy
  • Sera
  • Lee’s Pet Products
  • Marineland/Perfecto
  • Marshall Pet Products
  • New Life Spectrum
  • Piscene Energetics
  • Poly Bio Marine Products
  • Pro Salt Frozen Foods
  • R&J Enterprises
  • Red Sea Fish Pharm
  • Rep-Cal
  • TLC Products
  • Fluval
  • R-Zilla
  • San Francisco Bay Brands
  • Sea Chem
  • Sicce USA
  • Summit Chemical Co
  • Super Pet
  • Terra Blue Professionals
  • Tetra Products
  • Two Little Fishes
  • Exo Terra
  • Ultra Life Reef Products
  • Vitakraf/SunSeed
  • Wardley Products
  • World Wide Imports
  • ZooMed
  • Zupreme
  • CaribSea
  • Dr. Tim’s Aquatics
  • Algone Corp
  • Florida Marine Research
  • Hakari USA
  • Penn Plax
  • Hagen
  • AquaClear
  • Ocean Nutrition
  • Ruby Reef
  • B-Ionic
  • Nutramar
  • V2O Foods
  • LRS Foods
  • Kessil
  • Maxspect
  • Omeaga One