America COMPETES Act

We need your help! Contact your friends, family, neighbors, doctors, lawyers, teachers, milk men, (prescription) drug dealers, etc and ask them to contact their Senator!

A last-minute amendment has been made to the America COMPETES Act (HR4521) that would impact all pet animals except for dogs and cats, despite the originally stated purpose of HB4521 being to strengthen America’s economic and national security. We need you to take action today!
What’s at stake:
-The amendment to HR4521 is concerning for the pet care community, because it would:
-Create a white list of approved species that can be imported, where any animal not listed is treated as an injurious species by default and banned from importation into the United States;
-Change the Lacey Act shipment clause to ban the interstate transport of species listed as injurious; and
-Establish new emergency powers that would allow USFWS to use an “emergency designation” that is effective immediately after publication in the Federal Register unless extended up to 60 days to prohibit importation of species if found injurious to humans, ag, horticulture, forestry, wildlife or wildlife resources of U.S. for no more than 3 years.